Managua Nicaragua

The largest city in Nicaragua

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Managua Nicaragua

The Capital of Nicaragua

Located on the southwestern shores of Lake Nicaragua, Managua has been the capital of Nicaragua since the 1800’s. The largest city in Nicaragua regarding both population and size. Managua originally a sleepy rural fishing community. It gained its current prominence primarily because of its position between the bickering communities of Leon and Granada. Currently, Managua’s economy’s based primarily on trade and the business of government. Managua also serves an important cultural center and sets the tone and pace for much of what happens throughout Nicaragua.

The History

The area where Managua is located was home to Paleo-Indians as far back as 6000 years ago. Human footprints dating more than 2100 years old were discovered preserved in the volcanic mud that surrounds the area, as well as many other remnants of a past society- statues, ceramics, and ancient tools. More recently Managua was home to the American filibuster William Walker and his mercenary army in 1857. From that time until the 1930’s, Managua went thru rapid growth and urbanization. Located directly on a major fault line, Managua suffered several devastating earthquakes and has rebuilt several times literally from the ground up!

Cultural landmarks

Home to several really beautiful and important national treasures. Among one of the most notable is the Plaza of the Revolution. That is the central focus of Managua’s Historic Center.

Several notable buildings that remained undamaged by the earthquake of 1972, including the Cathedral of Santiago, the Ruben Dario National Theater and the Palace of Culture. There are also many notable tributes in the form of statues and monuments to important figures in Nicaraguan history.

Another important spot in the city, the Tiscapa Lagoon found just south of the cities historic district. The site of many important pre-Columbian findings, the lagoon’s now also lined with popular restaurants and clubs, as well as lots of new construction- apartment buildings; government and office buildings have sprung up in recent years making this a popular part of the rebuilt city of Managua.

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