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Boquete and Baru

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Boquete and Baru Volcano have long been a favorite destination. Both Panamanians and international visitors love it because of the beautiful scenery also the flora and fauna. Located about 75 miles from the Costa Rican border in the Panamanian Highlands. Boquete is a relaxing place to enjoy nature and discover the beauty of rural Panama! With two dormant volcanoes and spectacular National Parks nearby, Boquete also has lots for visitors to see and explore.

Points of Interest

David, Panama is the third largest city in Panama and is a center for the thriving farming business that can be found in fertile Chiriqui Province. A coastal plain city, David serves as a jumping off point for visitors headed to Bocas del Toro or the beautiful mountain towns of Boquete or Cerro Punta. An important transportation hub, David has a bustling regional airport, as well as numerous bus companies and tour outfits that will help you get to nearly anywhere in this part of Panama or in neighboring Costa Rica!

El Sendero de Loz Quetzales

Considered one of the most beautiful trails in Panama, the El Sendero de Los Quetzals begins in Boquete. Famous for the beautiful scenery and plentiful animals are seen along the trail. The entire trail is approximately 6 miles and skirts the beautiful Baru volcano. It connects the towns of Boquete on the east and Guadalupe on the west. One of the best places in Panama to see the Resplendent Quetzal. The trail offers hikers an opportunity to see a large number of the amazing Quetzal, as well as many other fascinating bird species.

Haven For Nature Lovers

Boquete has become a popular place for both Europeans and North Americans looking for a friendly place to retire. Also, just explore a slower paced lifestyle in beautiful Panama! Nearly 15% of the population of Boquete is foreigners. They appreciate the wonderfully mild climate, peaceful surroundings and the relatively low cost of living that can be found in this part of Panama. Boquete has all modern conveniences, charming restaurants with many different cuisines, world-renowned coffee plantations. Too, they have nearby golf courses and spas that make this the perfect place to live or visit!

Highest Point in Panama

Barú Volcano is the highest point in Panama; it measures 11,398 feet or 3,474 meters. At the summit, you can see views of both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. There are seven craters located on this volcano. The last major eruption of Barú Volcano happened approximately 1,500 years ago with a minor eruption happening 500 years ago. Geologists have researched the volcano and have concluded that it has erupted several times in the last 10,000 years and from a cluster of seismic activity in the last century, most recently in 2006, they have determined that Barú Volcano is still an active volcano.

Getting There is Part of The Fun

Located on the eastern slope of the Barú Volcano is Boquete, a perfect place to stay for those wanting to visit the volcano. Getting to the summit of the volcano’s an adventure in itself when you arrive, you’re rewarded with a stunning view. The most common way of going to the summit is by hiking. It is a physically taxing four to six-hour hike. The hike will take you over a series of steep and gentle inclines. From Boquete, you also have the option to take an ATV or jeep tour to the summit.

Hike to The Summit

The best time to begin your hike is very early in the morning to get the best visibility. Your hike starts at the ranger station of Barú Volcano National Park, from here it is approximately 13km or 8 miles to the summit. Before reaching the summit, you will start seeing some of the craters and once reaching the top if the visibility is clear you will be able to see the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. Be advised this is a hard hike, and the weather can be, highly unpredictable. Also on the summit, it can be freezing, during the dry season, there have been reports of ice and snow.

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