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Panama City

A city of History

Panama City has historically been an international crossroads. Founded in 1517, Panama City was the first European city built on the Pacific Coast of the New World. The Spaniards needed a location with which to load up all of the riches that they were plundering from the local cultures. Panama City was also the starting point for the expeditions that conquered and looted the Inca Empire in Peru in the mid part of the 16th century. The abundance of valuable goods led to the 1671 siege and eventual burning of the city by English pirate Henry Morgan. Centuries later the building of the Panama Canal in the early part of the twentieth century, reaffirmed the importance of Panama City as an important gateway between the Pacific and Atlantic.

 Three Cities in one

Panama City has three distinct sectors or “cities” all within the city limits! Firstly, is Panama La Vieja (the old town). Also, known as Casco Antiguo- is full of picturesque ruins and a fascinating museum chock full of archaeological excavation items. There not only the time of the Spanish settlement but also from the indigenous people that inhabited this area. Now a fascinating mix of many styles of architecture. All in all, truly a visual history of all of the important eras of Panama City. Beautiful Art Deco, Colonial and Caribbean building styles are found right next to the ruins of the original Spaniard colony.

The Casco Viejo

The Casco Viejo sector of the city that dates from the 17th-century Spanish occupation of the area. This area also is a visual reminder of how long it has been a crossroads between the Americas and the rest of the world! Seventeenth-century convents, churches, and other historic buildings are all part of this sector of the city. Some now converted to trendy restaurants! Even the headquarters of the French company that attempted the first Panama Canal is available for touring. Lastly, the biggest sector of the city is right on the spectacular Panama Bay. All with a busy and prosperous business district and modern skyscrapers, many restaurants, and nightclubs!

Gateway to Panama

Panama City has a well-developed infrastructure system that makes it a hub for all travel throughout Panama and the world! Domestic flights and many other forms of transportation are available to get you anywhere that you might want to go to Panama. Come to the incredible archipelago of Bocas del Toro, the spectacular National Parks or miles of beautiful beach on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.

RuinsPanama Viejo

A settlement in the oldest district of Panama, Founded in 1519  by Pedro Arias Dávila. Also, the first European settlement to be permanent on the Pacific side. Panama Viejo was a starting point for exporting gold from the rest of the area. Being right on the water it was the perfect base of operations. Within 150 years the settlement grew from 100 to 10,000 inhabitants. It also went through many problems over the years from some attacks by pirates and Indigenous people to large earthquakes and fires. Pirate Henry Morgan Gave one final blow to the city by setting most of it on fire, many peoples were killed, and Panama City moved several kilometers west of the original site.

By all means, whatever it is you like to do, Panama City has a little bit of everything for you. From Beautiful Historic tours to many five star hotels.

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