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Granada Nicaragua

A city of Wonder

Granada Nicaragua considered one of the most important cities in Nicaragua for many reasons. Most specifically from a historical perspective. Founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, the city has a long and interesting colonial history. It is evident in its architecture and city planning. Many of the streets are narrow and paved in cobblestones reflecting a long and interesting history. Granada has always been one of Nicaragua’s most influential cities from both a political and economic perspective. The name Granada refers to both the state located on the northwestern shore of Lake Nicaragua and the city that is the capital of that state. The fourth largest city in Nicaragua. Granada is known for both its fertile agricultural lands and its history as a colonial outpost.

A Rich and Colorful History

During the colonial period, Granada was important as a port city. It has access to the Atlantic thru the San Juan River and the Pacific via Lake Nicaragua. This position made it valuable to many looking to expand their base in the New World. English, Dutch and French pirates attacked the area on many occasions. They all tried to gain control of the valuable position that Granada held in the New World. Granada later became the staging area for William Walker, the American filibuster who had plans to take over Central America.

Over the years there has been a great disagreement between the cities of Granada and Leon over which was the capital of Nicaragua. This dispute, often punctuated by violence between the leading families of each faction. Finally, it settled by a compromise reached in the mid-1800’s that named Managua capital primarily because of its location directly between the two battling entities.

Granada Nicaragua A Tourism Centerpiece

Granada has enjoyed an important place in Nicaragua’s economy, as it has long been a center of commerce. Gold, silver and other natural resources such as timber have been just as important as agricultural products in the prosperity of the region. Granada has also enjoyed the increasing growth of tourism, as it is home to some of the most spectacular examples of colonial architecture in this part of the world, as well as its proximity to some of the most amazing beaches, volcanoes and other natural wonders that are in Nicaragua! A great place to visit on your trip to Central America- you will long remember the beauty that is colonial Granada!


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